The modern-day warehouse is no place for delicate technology. Empowering workflows for over twenty years, CMAC has had the privilege to provide a legacy of innovative solutions for our clients. From mobile computers to labeling supplies, we equip businesses with the latest technologies to stay ahead of today’s demanding market. Adhering to our heritage, CMAC now investigates the strengthening of new technology powering the next generation of warehouse printers today: Link-OS and Print DNA.

ZC300 Retail Loyalty Card with Link-OS
ZC300 Retail Loyalty Card with Link-OS

Intelligence Unmatched with Link-OS and Print DNA

As the most intelligent printer operating system in existence, Zebra Technologies’ Link-OS sets up printers for successful efficiency. Joining connectivity, management, and privacy features onto one system, Link-OS seamlessly integrates innovative controls within your printers right out of the box. 

  • Enhance security while changing specific printer settings through Protected Mode.
  • Update your OS safely with OS Download Control.
  • Easily cycle printers through new applications or quickly retire aging printers with Printer Decommissioning.
  • Reduce connectivity interference with Bluetooth Discovery Mode.

Furthermore, Link-OS works with Print DNA applications to create an intuitive, secure, and durable printing solution, adaptable to your workforce’s needs. Transform your printing workflow with new capabilities that integrate easily into existing infrastructures. From management to productivity tools, expect better performance as well as countless benefits only an intelligent system can provide. 

  • Greater Adaptability: Connect your printer to the cloud to facilitate updates and app deployment across multiple devices. 
  • Greater Visibility: Eliminate downtime with closer insight into battery health and availability status through the warehouse.
  • Simple Management: Remotely execute security updates and troubleshooting for your entire printing system.  
  • Increased Productivity: Reduce lost time with increased printing speeds, additional print languages, and user-friendly interface that lowers the learning curve.
ZC300 Bank Card with Link-OS
ZC300 Bank Card with Link-OS

See the full list of Print DNA benefits powered by Link-OS in our infographic. 

Combining innovation with excellence, CMAC is committed to bringing you the latest and most cost-effective solutions crafted for enterprise success and maximum productivity. Speak with our experienced team today to find out how you can implement the benefits of a new printing solution into your workflow for better results and unmatched intelligence.