The need to keep track of what comes in and out of your building continues to grow. Inventory count increases with each passing day, and workers need an accurate and consistent collection to help maintain efficiency and faster delivery speeds that consumers consistently demand.

Zebra Technologies Integrated RFID Portal Series provides a higher level of asset management, all while optimizing the work needed to improve an RFID checkpoint or portal location. Thanks to years of experience and craftsmanship, these portals …

  • Are ready to operate upon arrival and can be used right away.
  • Provide an easy customer service experience with extreme compatibility thanks to Zebra’s RFID software and development.
  • Feature fixed RFID scanners for maximum efficiency and specialized antennas to tune out what you don’t need to help prioritize better reads.

Being able to find products will allow your business to continue selling items at a faster rate. RFID Portals can help make that process easier and faster for your business.

Five Unique Options Offer Flexibility in Any Work Environment

Picking the right equipment for one’s workplace can be tricky, and there’s no exception when it comes to proper data collection technology. Choosing the best fit for better distribution is now easy, as Zebra offers five RFID portals to select from:

  1. Transition RFID Portal – A great option for those working with dock doors. The Transition RFID portals reduce the need for manual scanning at select chokepoints within the warehouse.
  2. Wall-Mount RFID Portal – Looking for an easy fit is, well, easy with the Wall-Mount RFID Portal option. Place these behind any door or hallway and get the convenience of versatile scanning capabilities.
  3. Fixed RFID Tunnel – For those working with higher volume item distribution through conveyor belts, the Fixed RFID Tunnel is an excellent selection. This item is custom-built to be mounted on any conveyor system and automatically reads the tagged assets as they move down the line.
  4. Integrated RFID Table – Build an RFID station within your company’s location with the Integrated RFID Table. The special antennas are set underneath the surface so items can be scanned on top at any angle or orientation.
  5. Mobile RFID Pallet – If your distribution center has elevated racks, then the Mobile RFID Pallet is the choice for you. It’s built to be moved easily with a forklift and can manage a higher volume of tags efficiently.

The time to improve distribution is here, thanks to RFID Portals. At CMAC, we offer our services to help improve our clients on both an operational and technological level. Get in touch with us today to learn more.