Today’s challenging supply chain forces warehouse decision-makers to modernize workflows to meet demands and shortages. Modernization helps improve traceability and transparency to create a more secure warehouse built for flexibility. Studies indicate that already over 75% of warehouses are in the process of or have already implemented automation and modernization strategies with innovative technology like intelligent scanners and wearable computers. Studies also show the automotive industry invested over $190 million in 2021 to modernize plants, accelerate production, and reduce shortages. Most businesses are planning a modernization strategy and implementing rugged technology due to the benefits they bring:

  1. Real-time access to manage material movement – Fast and easy material tracking helps improve visibility across the supply chain. Real-time visibility improves inventory tracking, shipping, and ensuring products get delivered to customers.
  2. 99.99% accurate inventory rates – Precise inventory management with intelligent scanners lead to fewer errors, faster stocking, and reduced cost. About 75% of supply chain management experts are aiming to enhance stocking.
  3. Complete workforce communication Innovative mobile computers come equipped with expanded connectivity capabilities to increase WiFi range and speed. Devices like the MC9300 also have near-instant application response times, unmatched roaming, exceptional voice quality, and network diagnostics to help keep teams connected.
  4. Improved worker safety – Effective modernization increases employee awareness of work environments like the warehouse and potential dangers.
  5. Long-range data capture Extraordinary scan ranges and superior direct parts marking technology give workers the scanning capabilities required in today’s supply chain.
  6. Rugged durability – Supply chain environments like the warehouse and field require devices built to withstand challenging conditions. Devices ready for warehouse use should be virtually waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof.
  7. Dependable data security – Security and software updates are instant to ensure secure mobile device management with fortified operating systems like Android.

When your modernization strategy has these components, it enhances overall supply chain efficiency to manage challenges like shortages now and in the future. However, businesses should also look to maintain adaptability with an operating system that consistently updates and manages devices.

Strengthen your modernization strategy with flexible performance.

Fortunately, businesses can easily pair rugged technology with a fortified operating system for powerful modernization inside and out. Designed with Zebra and Android, businesses can make their upgrade plans smoother throughout device lifecycles with:

  • Trusted data security from government-grade encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Continued security patches through Zebra LifeGuard
  • Silent and instant OS updates to prevent downtime and interruption
  • Simple app integration for easy migration and user performance
  • Multiple productivity apps delivered in the Mobility DNA suite

A powerful modernization strategy built tough inside and out can help warehouses keep up with a demanding supply chain. Schedule a preliminary evaluation with our experts to discover modernization opportunities for your business.