Supply chains rely on mobile technology now to improve efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse environments. Mobile technology allows manufacturing managers to access real-time information to make better decisions and streamline operations. However, businesses need to have dependable mobile devices equipped with the right features to achieve this or they could waste valuable time and energy. Studies indicate 20% of money spent in the manufacturing industry is wasted, which amounts to $8 trillion wasted annually. Without the   that streamline tasks, businesses could suffer from higher costs, excess inventory, or a decrease in productivity. To create smoother manufacturing workflows, mobile devices should be able to:

Manage Work in Progress

Work in Progress (WIP) can stall manufacturing operations and slow efficiency if improperly managed. Businesses can use mobile devices to manage WIP with real-time data visibility that anticipates real-world challenges and creates a scaled workplace. Mobile devices help employees coordinate and locate bottlenecks faster than traditional methods with faster accuracy.

Track material deliveries

Material tracking in a manufacturing plant ensures the correct raw materials are located where they should be. Mobile devices like enterprise tablets and mobile computers deliver easy locationing across multiple work cells for dependable tracking.

Deliver transparent traceability

Mobile devices like innovative scanners and mobile computers enable data collection on equipment performance, production status, customer satisfaction, etc. Additionally, mobile devices with Android’s operating system protect long-term investment protection. Mobile devices improve data visibility and help give transparency to manufacturing workflows with efficient tracking.

Enable better worker communication

Compared to slower methods like paper-based systems, mobile devices provide managers and workers with dependable connections for instant team communication. Workers that can instantly send emails or messages to other teams enable real-time collaboration for improved efficiency.

Manufacturing is much easier when mobile devices are prepared to streamline these tasks. Smooth and simple workflows cut costs and time to reduce manufacturing waste and save expenses from hurting operational efficiency.

Manufacturing Challenges that Mobile Devices Help Manage.

Businesses that are left to manage WIP, track deliveries, secure traceability, and enable communication without devices could find it hard to manage their plant. Without a mobile device solution that helps manage these tasks for you, businesses could be left to deal with these challenges that impact productivity:

  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Labor shortages
  • Worker safety
  • Capacity limits

Evaluate your mobility solutions with CMAC’s automation experts to see if your devices can streamline manufacturing tasks.