In 2012 -in what feels like an eternity ago- Amazon processed an average of 306 orders per second. Fast-forward to 2020, where e-commerce has been responsible for $601.75 billion in revenue in the U.S alone, and warehouses and distribution centers are flooded with thousands of orders coming from anywhere across the globe. From the production line to the loading dock to the checkout line, today’s supply chains have become a dynamic network of communication and data flowing from team to team, and one error could cost more than a lost customer. Inaccurate data processing can lead to:

  • Fees from missed compliance codes
  • Misplaced inventory resulting in spoilage and/or stockouts
  • Unnecessarily complicated pick paths
  • Wasted delivery travel on wrong orders
  • Overworked reverse logistics systems

As companies continue to face the strain of the 2020 holiday peak season combined with the increased demand for contactless transactions, CMAC explores ways to simplify order processing, decreasing inaccuracy from door to dock.

When facing mass chaos, simplicity is key

Simplicity is Key
Simplicity is Key

Over 28 billion packages travel across the nation between December 16 to the 21st. To make sure your inventory moves seamlessly down the supply chain, we recommend minimizing unnecessary complexities with:

  • Automated data capture – According to the 1-10-100 rule, a 1% error rate can end up costing $100 to fix. That means even the small error rate in your manual data processing system can greatly affect overall profitability. Intelligent data capture not only ensures accuracy but also accelerates order processing with long-range intelligent scanning capabilities.
  • Simplified SAP and data sharing systems – Working towards a shared goal, your whole supply chain should remain connected in order to provide the best customer experience. Synactive Liquid UI  simplifies and mobilizes SAP to digitize reporting and data sharing through customized fields and real-time updates. Drive down processing time with a user-friendly interface that optimizes and runs on Android’s familiar OS for faster onboarding. 
  • Streamline crucial tasks – The average warehouse worker would have to carry three separate devices to remain connected: a scanner, walkie-talkie, and mobile computer. Enterprise-grade devices such as Zebra’s mobile and touch computers aggregate all these major functions into one ergonomic and durable device for maximized worker comfort and agility.
  • Convert Green Screens to Touch Screens – Millennials have become the largest population segment in America, which means legacy systems must adapt to digital natives in order to remain efficient with lowered training times. Application conversion programs such as Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation app can help run TE apps straight out of the box while later assisting you to convert them into touchscreen versions for better ease of use.

To learn how you can start modernizing hardware without exceeding budget requirements, download our GO Zebra Trade-In Program brochure.

At CMAC, simplicity, and efficiency go hand in hand, which is why we make sure to equip your team with both hardware and software solutions that best adapt to your workflows. To see how you can integrate efficiency into your operations, contact our automation specialists today for a free evaluation.