With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead at how to secure productivity in the brand new year. As more technologies and solutions are released, the push towards modernization remains at an all-time high, yet one in three warehouse operators confess to not knowing how to start integrating future-forward solutions into their workflows. To help businesses stay ahead of unforeseen demands, CMAC works alongside leading manufacturers and technology providers to simplify modernization for easy deployment and faster ROI. When preparing for modernization, our specialist teams recommend the following process to get started.

  • Make sure your whole team is on the same page – Before you begin your modernization strategy, it’s crucial that your team understands goals and expectations in order to prevent burnout and worker stress from eventual changes.
  • Choose your next operating system – Without Microsoft’s support for Windows Mobile OS, outdated devices run the risk of cyberattacks and inadequate performance. Meanwhile, Android has become the leading OS of choice amongst leading manufacturers due to its intuitive platform and open ecosystem. As a result, migrating to Android does not require you to abandon “green screen” apps or your current WMS, unlike other operating systems.
  • Simplify repetitive tasks – The 2019 MHI Industry Report highlighted the ever-present challenge warehouses face as more than half of survey responders find it difficult to hire qualified workers. Repetitive tasks such as scanning and labeling can contribute to high labor turnover rates, which is why it’s important to pinpoint tasks that qualify for automation. As a Zebra Business Partner, CMAC equips warehouses with enterprise-grade rugged handhelds that combine data capture with Android-powered mobile computing to eliminate repetitive tasks with easy-to-use technologies.
  • Integrate user-friendly yet adaptable software – Working alongside easy-to-use hardware, simplistic data reporting software can also help accelerate modernization ROI. To do this, CMAC works with Synactive’s Liquid UI to digitize SAP interfaces without operational disruptions. The end result is a customizable data-sharing platform that eliminates manual data entry and rigorous backend modifications, ultimately accelerating deployment.
  • Establish reliable connectivity and networking – By combining hardware mobility with software agility, you are now in the position to create dependable communication channels amongst warehouse teams with real-time connectivity. Modernized devices such as Zebra’s touch computers and digitized SAP work together in delivering real-time updates through dependable WiFi connectivity anywhere in the warehouse.
  • Add enhanced warehouse visibility – With minimized repetitive tasks, dependable connectivity, and user-friendly technologies, it’s now easier to integrate visibility solutions such as real-time locationing and RFID tracking to deliver actionable insights to your modernized devices. Maximized operational visibility empowers operations to react proactively to sudden changes in demand by tracking patterns in your workflow and productivity rates.

Taking the First Steps

Warehouse Worker Using User Friendly Adaptive Software
Simplify repetitive tasks with adaptive software

When it comes to modernization, choosing hardware can be the most overwhelming (and costly) task. To lower modernization costs without compromising device reliability, CMAC partners with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. For the whole year, upgrade warehouse devices from any manufacturer with CMAC to get cash rebates up to $650 per device in three simple steps.

  1. Purchase your upgraded device
  2. Submit your claim form within 90 days of your invoice date
  3. Trade-in devices for cash rebates

Download the program details to learn more.

To see where your warehouse is in this outlined process, contact our modernization team for a free in-depth assessment of your operations and start the year with a clear goal in mind.