To keep up with the new demands of today’s global market, supply chains need greater insight and better decision-making. As a result, new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and ultra-rugged hardware have been reshaping workflows. Intelligent technology equips employees with a new level of insight that allows your workforce to concentrate on other demanding tasks. Ultimately, when implemented correctly, intelligent technology leads to:

  • Faster workflows 
  • Fewer errors and downtime
  • Lower training times and adoption curves
  • Increased productivity

Optimizing warehouses for over two decades, CMAC modernizes workflows with the latest solutions designed for optimal performance and seamless integration. We believe technology and human effort should work hand in hand to streamline operations without impacting accuracy. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, we are focusing on four ways Zebra’s intelligent technology benefits your workforce.

The Future of Warehouse Efficiency is Here with Intelligent Technology

Collect Data with Zebra’s Mobility DNA
Intelligent Technology Helps Collect Data with Zebra’s Mobility DNA

Actionable Insight – Data collected by Zebra’s Mobility DNA equips your workforce with actionable intelligence that facilitates asset management and expands visibility. Apps such as the PowerPrecision Console and Device Tracker manage device usage, battery life, and availability, allowing you to allocate devices where they are needed most to meet demands.

Intelligent Technology with Maximized Security
Zebra’s Fortified Android Secures Sensitive Data

Maximized Security – Zebra’s fortified Android secures sensitive data with government-grade encryption and future-proof OS updates to minimize data breaches. Enterprise-recommended, Android further extends your device’s lifecycle with Zebra’s LifeGuard, which provides 90-day security patches to keep devices running beyond the standard 3-year lifespan.

Intelligent Technology with User Comfort
Zebra’s Handheld Devices Can Boost Productivity

User ComfortFollowing a legacy of superior ergonomics, Zebra’s handheld devices can boost productivity by 14% with flexible grip options. Plus, thanks to the Android OS, new devices facilitate training times with a familiar interface, easing your workforce into efficient productivity through a platform they already know.

Intelligent Technology with Unmatched Affordability
Intelligent Technology Can Help Modernizing the Warehouse Be Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Unmatched Affordability – With the GO Zebra Trade-in Program, modernizing the warehouse can be cost-effective and sustainable. Simply trade-in devices from any manufacturer for cash rebates up to $650 per device towards your new upgrade.

Intelligent technology is no longer a futuristic ideal reserved for the decades to come. Explore the future of warehouse operations today when you contact us for your free assessment and integrate efficiency into your operations with the leaders in warehouse modernization.