As a witness to your supply chain, you are aware of your operations and inventory make-up. In other words, you are aware of your system’s functionality; however, the same cannot be said of your prospective customers. To prevent false-advertising, misinformation, and safety hazards, industries worldwide and government officials have set standards to certify a product or system’s functionality, authenticity, and/or safety. As a result, both customers and manufacturers can trust compliance labeling as an understandable and honest liaison between the two, but what happens when that liaison starts to change?

R110XI4 RFID Checking Label for Compliance Standards
R110XI4 RFID Checking Label for Compliance Standards

Missed Compliance Equals Missed Business

With new research surfacing in virtually every industry from food production to cosmetics, standards must change along with supply chain processes. Constant changes in compliance labeling can become expensive but failing to comply is even costlier. Today’s compliance labels dictate whether or not inventory may be shipped, sold, or even produced. 

Simply put, missed compliance equals missed business.  

To keep up with compliance changes, CMAC has sought a cost-effective labeling solution that promotes manufacturer transparency with lower operational costs and increased return of investment.

ZT510 Industrial Printer
ZT510 Industrial Printer

Zebra’s ZT510 – The Balance Between Value and Productivity

Building upon Zebra’s established legacy of rugged hardware, the budget-friendly ZT510 streamlines operations continuously since it was built to tackle challenges and changes with the uttermost efficiency and ease.

  • 24/7 Reliability – Protected by an all-metal casing and sealed against dust and debris, the ZT510 maintains functionality with fewer printer jams and surprise downtimes, making sure operations run smoothly day after day.
  • Simplified Adaptability – Enhanced with Link-OS, the ZT510 equips your workforce with remote and on-site assistance as well as seamless OS updates that ensure compliance labels are printed in a timely fashion to keep up with changes.
  • Unmatched Affordability – Unlike other compliance labeling solutions, CMAC’s inclusion of the ZT510 empowers companies to print their updated labels, eliminating extra shipping and printing costs.
  • Extended Longevity – Because the ZT510 can print more copy in less time compared to competing systems, companies can extend printer lifespan by joining the Zebra Printhead Protection Program to get free printhead replacements when making Zebra their exclusive labeling supplier.

New certifications and regulations are sure to keep coming. Create a labeling solution that meets and exceeds changing standards when you contact CMAC for a full assessment of your labeling needs, and check out the GO Zebra Trade-In Program to start upgrading your current labeling printer for rebates up to $150.