The word “free” can be a great thing, but when it’s followed by something like “offer” or “gift”, you might be suspect that there’s a hitch somewhere. After all, isn’t a “free gift” redundant? Do you usually pay for your own gifts? So, when CMAC offers a free assessment for beginning the path to OS migration, we understand that people might not jump on it. But if you want to go from your current enterprise mobile operating system—specifically, veering away from Microsoft Windows Mobile and Mobile CE—it starts with a clear view.

And, let’s be honest, when you’re fully entrenched in your business, it might be difficult to objectively view your current position, identify the bumps along the migration path, and then build a strategy.


CMAC Is Here to Provide an Assessment to Help Show You a Clear Picture

CMAC Assessment - Clear Picture

We’ve seen some businesses dive right in, fully focused on their move to Android, for example. That’s a great choice, particularly with the fortified Android in Zebra’s Mobility Extensions, but consider this. If you decided to take a cross-country trip, would you jump in your car and go? Even with GPS, the lack of planning is certainly going to steer you to some detours. Now, if you thought about exactly where you wanted to visit along your journey, prepped your vehicle for the long road trip, and allowed for things like weather conditions and bottlenecks en route, you’d experience a much more enjoyable trip.

That’s what CMAC aims for in providing an assessment. We want to show you a clear, unbiased picture of your enterprise mobile computing situation. We can discuss how your legacy devices fit into the plan. Some might need to be upgraded or updated, while others could continue to serve your needs. We need to look at the compatibility of your enterprise apps with your new OS. How much rewriting will be required? What functions should be incorporated that don’t currently reside there? Can your network support this shift?


CMAC Is Here to Enhance Efficiency

CMAC Assessment - Enhance Efficiency

CMAC specializes in services that enhance supply chain and operational efficiency. We don’t just sell hardware or develop software. We have expertise that includes those areas but extend even further.

  • Network architecture
  • Business continuity
  • Site surveys and installation
  • WMS/TMS implementation
  • Enterprise up-time
  • Cloud readiness
  • Workflow management
  • IoT and sensor solutions


CMAC Is Here to Give You an Assessment to Help Start Your OS Migration

CMAC Assessment - Start OS Migration

We look at so many aspects of an enterprise and have the knowledge and skills to support this drilled-down perspective of any area.

So, when you’re ready to focus on OS migration or some other move to improve, let CMAC give you an assessment so you can start with your eyes wide open.