Costly downtime impacts around forty-seven percent of manufacturers, yet recent studies suggest as much as half of these instances result directly from human error. To reduce preventable downtime, CMAC is proud to present Zebra certified consumables as the premium solution engineered for simplified continuous performance. Mitigate human error with printing supplies that preserve your crucial information beyond the moment of application. 

Embark into the world of optimal label performance with CMAC to shape a labeling solution that fits your company’s unique needs and discover a new way to minimize downtime throughout your workflow, starting with your printer.

Revitalize Your Printer and Reduce Downtime:

ZQ630 Printing Label Reducing Downtime

Using the same superior inks and varnishes for consistent quality, every label must pass through stringent testing to withstand thermal printing. As a result, our quality consumables leave behind less debris and adhesives that normally wear down printheads until they are no longer operational. In other words, quality supplies expand printer lifespan through every run, increasing your return of investment even before application.

Apply in Any Condition:

Engineered for the harsh outdoors, labels resist heat, ice, dust, and chemicals – conditions that normally destroy subpar “bargain” labels and the precious information they carry. Fully functional within the warehouse, Zebra consumables facilitate readability that enhances visibility throughout your entire workforce, allowing employees to scan, locate, and move assets with ease.

Customize for the future:

Zebra Customized Labels to Reduce Downtime

Further, enhance brand identity while meeting unique application requirements when you build customized supplies from over 300 pre-tested materials. Custom features include:

  • Custom shapes, sizes, texts, and logos
  • Security inks
  • Fan-fold or rolls
  • Perforation styles
  • 12 water-based colors and 8UV colors
  • PMS color matching
  • Adhesive deadening and spot coating
  • Pre-printed UL mark

With four label converting facilities across the U.S., easily replenish label supplies, further minimizing downtime resulting from long ship rates. 

In every operation, there is always room for innovation. That’s why CMAC hasn’t stopped developing groundbreaking solutions for over 25 years. Start your labeling order today and give your workforce more uptime with quality consumables built to last.