Your choice in printing supplies may seem inconsequential as it is for many companies across the world. Easily forgotten after application, it may be hard to imagine labels dramatically impacting productivity, which explains the rise of “bargain” labels in the market. However, as experts in warehouse solutions, CMAC can testify your labeling decisions are far from inconsequential. 

Over time, printing quality naturally deteriorates as debris pileup wears down the printhead, yet “bargain” labels unfit for thermal printing destroy printheads much faster, leading to a series of preventable yet costly damages that ultimately drain your patience, profits, and productivity.


The Power of Labels

 Removing a Label from the QLN420 in Warehouse
Removing a Label from the QLN420 in Warehouse

Whether good or bad, labels will impact your workflow as they carry crucial information; therefore, it is important to recognize inadequate labels before they harm your operations.

  • Rough Surface: Untested for optimal performance, cheaply-produced labels have sandpaper-like surfaces that scratch your printhead with every run. Not only does this damage your printer from the inside out, but final prints are often illegible and faded, requiring workers to spend more valuable time reprinting.
  • Tight Rolls: Adding to the natural debris consumables leave behind, tightly-wound “bargain” labels squeeze adhesive glue into the printer, resulting in dreaded printer jams, IT visits, and costly downtime and media replacement becomes more time-consuming. 
  • Environment-Challenged: Because they’re made with inferior materials, oftentimes, “bargain” labels cannot withstand drastic temperatures that come with thermal printing. As a result, labels tear and smear easily, losing the precious information they were designed to hold. In certain cases, labels may even lose adhesive, increasing operational costs.


As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, CMAC recommends Zebra consumables as a better method to salvage your industrial printer from rising operational costs and downtime. Not only are Zebra consumables thoroughly tested to handle thermal printing, but Zebra consumables may also qualify you for the Printhead Protection Program. Minimize operational costs with free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive printing supplier.

At CMAC, we believe innovation fits in every operation, which is why we are committed to bringing new strategies that maximize productivity efficiently over time instead of quick-fix solutions. Start investing in a better workflow when you contact us for a free estimate on quality Zebra consumables.