When it comes to rugged environments, manufacturing plants often stand as one of the toughest industrial landscapes where efficiency, traceability, and ease of use must all work together to ensure infallible product quality. Research suggests that as much as 70% of companies are unaware of their devices’ maintenance schedules, resulting in costly downtime due to breakdowns and misplacements. To eliminate these issues, modern manufacturing plants have turned to wearable technologies since they:

  1. Reduce onboarding time by adhering to a simplistic interface – Unlike other mobile devices such as mobile computers and tablets, wearable technologies tend to be simplistic, smaller, and lighter to match the body’s natural range of movement. In doing so, wearable devices have lowered onboarding time to as little as a few days. 
  2. Increase productivity without adding complex hardware – Whether they be ring scanners or wrist-based computers, wearable devices seamlessly complement current deployed technologies and can increase productivity by 24% without severely altering workflows. 
  3. Preserve and maximize worker comfort – Made to match natural human movement, wearable devices are often lightweight and structured to maximize worker comfort while minimizing muscle strain. This empowers workers to stay safe and productive during longer shifts while integrating hands-free workflows. 
  4. Eliminate the likelihood of misplacement – Needless to say, wearable devices are less likely to be left behind or overlooked since employees interact with them on a regular basis. 

Go a step farther with Zebra’s HD4000 Head Mounted Display 

Built to streamline operations without complications, Zebra’s innovative HD4000 Head Mounted Displays perfectly encapsulate the top benefits of wearable technologies while opening doors to greater productivity with:

  • Enterprise-ready durability – The HD4000 is built to handle drops and scratches with an IP67 sealing and dust-proof design.  
  • Robust application support – Maximize the versatility of Android with ready-to-use Zebra Warehouse Templates and SDK support to customize your device’s functionality. 
  • Safe device sharing – The HD4000 seamlessly mounts onto regular safety-glasses and can sustain disinfection without compromising performance, ultimately stopping the spread of germs as devices are shared. 
  • Seamless compatibility with your Zebra devices – Reduce management efforts since the HD4000 connects to your Zebra device for battery power and connectivity, so you can deploy an optimization solution without burdening IT departments. 

Download our fact sheet to get a full picture of the HD4000’s modernized features.

The last thing manufacturing plants need is more complex technology. Start simplifying your operations today when you contact CMAC for a free evaluation of your current mobility solution.