Your business depends on your workers – from field service teams that maintain utility infrastructure to manufacturing production line workers that make the products that we rely on. Your vital workers not only need rugged devices that can last full shifts, but they also need a solution specifically tailored for the indispensable work they do. Device failure costs an average of 30-40 minutes of worker downtime. Keep your workers connected to the information and people they need, for a full shift with the ET80/85 rugged 2-in-1 tablet.

  • Superior ergonomics for crucial workflows
  • Advanced features
  • Latest technologies


Simplify essential tasks with versatile solutions from Zebra and CMAC


Supply your workers with tablets that achieve more than rugged performance. Choose Zebra’s ET80/85 for superior durability, as well as a tablet specifically designed to thrive in your environment and revolutionize task fulfillment. Zebra’s newest tablet is different from other tablets because it features…

  1. Unmatched flexibility. Go from tablet to laptop and back in seconds by simply attaching and detaching the rugged keyboard. Workers can instantly transform the tablet into a laptop or a full workstation to best meet the needs of their environments. This simplifies workflows and enables efficiency.
  2. Thin and light design – Empower your workplace with rugged durability that sets the bar when it comes to portability. The ET80/85 series tablets are 35% thinner and 20% lighter than other 2-in-1 competitors with the same screen size. Provide your field service and warehouse workers with maximum visibility for improved safety, as well as easy access to information-rich screens.
  3. Ultimate wireless connections – Fastest WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth speeds with support for WiFi 6e, 4G/5G, and Bluetooth 5.2.
  4. Designed to the latest rugged standards – Built to deliver reliable operation despite the inevitable drops. These tablets are dust-tight and resistant to mud, even if the ports are open. The fanless thermal design is ideal for manufacturing clean rooms and other contaminate-sensitive environments so your workers can depend on optimal performance in the toughest environments.
  5. Enterprise-ready data capture – The best-in-class 13 MP rear color camera with flash captures high-resolution images to document real-time data capture. Increase your productivity with integrated scanners to deliver first-time every-time capture of barcodes, even if they are damaged.


Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies to start empowering your workers with superior technology. Contact us today for a solution built to achieve the hardest tasks.