Pressure to keep up with shifting supply chain demands and rising consumer expectations, despite how fast these demands change, is something field workers must face and overcome. Studies show that the oil and gas industry collectively invests approximately $500 billion each year just to keep up with demands. This cannot be a long-term solution, as capital costs continue to rise and global issues continue to drive up the prices of oil and gas. Companies must maintain and grow oil and gas production with effective communication and easier data access to satisfy the needs of customers around the world. Additionally, customers are demanding cleaner energy, which means oil and gas energy suppliers must also be able to track and demonstrate sustainability efforts during their entire process. Juggling countless compliance changes and consumer expectations, distributors can no longer rely on legacy paper-based reporting

Across the global supply chain, businesses are implementing digitization that enhances productivity, creates smoother operations, reduces expenses, and achieves real-time visibility to create scalability for future expectations. Within the utilities sector, digitization is also expected to play a large role in enhancing workflows as it empowers teams to update and share data with minimal errors.


Understanding Digitization in Oil and Gas:

By replacing paper reporting, oil and gas distributors can monitor changes., compliance, and demand in real-time from anywhere. This provides field teams with complete visibility and control anywhere they go. As a result, businesses achieve easier data access and effective communication to reduce costs and create scalability. This helps your operations evolve and adapt to demands.

At CMAC, our digitization teams are experienced in helping utility companies meet demands by simplifying data processing with mobilized SAP interfaces through Zebra and LiquidUI. We facilitate digitization without compromising security and accuracy, so your teams can…

1. Reduce costs with rugged and innovative mobility – Equipping your field workers with Zebra’s rugged technologies and Liquid UI’s mobilized SAP interface can address issues they face by digitizing and customizing reports and withstanding extreme conditions. Manage reports directly on a touchscreen platform without backend modifications and withstand drops and liquids. This is accomplished with Liquid UI integrated on Zebra’s rugged devices. When your workers have easier, uninterrupted operations to their mobile devices through a mobilized interface and proven design, it reduces downtime to create smoother workflows to reduce complexities and expenses.
2. Maximize communication – Mobilizing SAP through Liquid UI empowers your teams with unified onshore and offshore communication through one Android platform. Effective communication throughout your oil and gas operations helps create complete visibility and control over distribution to reduce costs and boost productivity so your business can evolve.
3. Streamlined data access and reporting – Easier access to important data can give your utilities the insights they need to meet compliance standards and sustainability demands. Deploy cloud sharing with Liquid UI and Zebra for easier data access and reporting that helps your field workers enhance decision-making. CMAC streamlines data processing with Zebra and Liquid UI, resulting in 75% fewer data entry errors and 40% more productivity via customized forms on a touchscreen interface.

Customized digitization from Zebra and Liquid UI equips your oil and gas utilities with intelligent solutions that boost productivity while maintaining compliance. Contact us today to discover the future of oil and gas workflows.