Consumer demands for sustainable electricity are rising even in the most remote places. Smart grids, mobile technology, and new research on nuclear energy have all opened new opportunities and challenges when it comes to securing safe energy distribution. For example, studies show that nuclear energy results in 99.7% fewer deaths than coal and 97.5% fewer than gas. Additionally, studies show that electricity demand has risen by 10% during the past decade and the national average residential electricity rate was up by 8% last January, which is the biggest annual increase in more than a decade. Energy experts believe that electricity rates will continue to rise in the long term to protect electric grids against natural disasters. Without digitization strategies that adapt to rising consumer demands and prepare for what is to come, electric utilities could suffer from reduced productivity, slower operations, inflated expenses, and an inability to meet customer expectations.


To meet rising consumer demands for sustainable electricity within established compliance parameters, today’s electric utilities are turning to superior automation that provides field teams with complete visibility and control anywhere they go. Real-time visibility allows field teams to see where and when an outage happens, giving them a full scope of the issues at hand and how many people are affected. As communities become ever more dependent on electricity, minimizing outage times is essential to ensure a better quality of life.


How digitization helps:


More teams are modernizing electric utility workflows with digitization to deploy cloud sharing for easier data access, strengthen digital interfaces to prevent security threats, and minimize costs with versatile mobility. 85% of utility teams cite data access as one of the core workflows of their operations, so when all data is digital and easily retrieved, it’s also easier to keep up with compliance standards while empowering operations to evolve continuously.


Our digitization teams have seen success in mobilizing SAP interfaces with Zebra and LiquidUI. By doing so, utility companies are able to facilitate digitization without compromising security and accuracy. In addition to enhancing team communication, mobilized SAP can also enable…


  1. Reduced costs with versatile mobility and scalability – Equipping your field workers with Liquid UI’s mobilized SAP interface can address issues they face by digitizing and customizing reports directly on a touchscreen platform without backend modifications. This is accomplished with Liquid UI integrated on a rugged device. When your workers have easier access to their mobile devices through a mobilized interface, it reduces downtime to create smoother workflows to reduce complexities and expenses.
  2. Longer solution longevity – Dependable functionality is the key to maintaining effective electric operations and meeting customer expectations. Zebra’s rugged handhelds prove ready for action in stringent environments with a design that withstands drops and liquids and an operating system that maximizes security. Pairing Zebra’s TC7X with Liquid UI creates superior mobility that helps your field workers deliver maximized functionality and boosted efficiency.
  3. Actionable insights that help you meet compliance standards and sustainability demands – Complete visibility gives your field workers actionable insights from ensured data access so they can make more informed decisions. CMAC simplifies data processing with Zebra and mobilized SAP through Liquid UI, resulting in 40% more productivity via customized forms on a touchscreen interface. CMAC also provides 75% fewer data entry errors, maximizes security, and streamlines the deployment of upgraded SAP interfaces.


Electric utility workflows equipped with Zebra and Liquid UI’s adaptable digitization keep up with consumer demands while maintaining compliance. Contact us today to discover the future of electric distribution.