Finding the next printer for your business can be a confusing task. Choosing the wrong one can leave your employees unequipped to handle customer demands and will create unnecessary hassle in the workplace. That’s why it’s important your business knows what type of printer it needs to improve productivity and streamline customer satisfaction. Here’s what you should take into account when selecting an enterprise printer for your operation’s future:


  • Printer type – This decision is strongly based on how many labels your business will print or wants to print per day and the printer environment. Industrial printers work well for higher print needs, while desktop printers are better suited for businesses with lower volume print needs.
  • Comprehensive connectivity – You should choose a printer that comes equipped with multiple communication options like USB, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, and Bluetooth for greatest versatility.
  • Consistent software – A quality software solution will help your printer adapt to changing business needs and print more consistently.
  • Proper printing supplies – Choosing the right labels and ribbons can prevent costly problems caused by inexpensive labels. CMAC also has printing supplies that can cover the printheads and replace them at no charge using Zebra media products.
  • Increasing productivity – Incorrectly labeling products can drain your company’s time and resources. It would be beneficial to your company’s productivity to invest in equipment that helps your employees be more productive.


How Zebra’s Newest Printer Goes beyond Expectations


Coming from a long line of malleable adaptability and dependable design, Zebra’s newest ZD621R printer continued to deliver hassle-free printing along with:


  • Best-in-class connectivity features – The ZD621R comes equipped with a full-color touch LCD display for greater media flexibility, a media dancer for excellent print quality and faster print speed, Ethernet, Serial, USB and USB Host, and ZebraDesigner Essentials label designer.
  • Hassle-free RFID – Help your customers implement RFID from the industry’s broadest portfolio. The ZD621R delivers premium printing and encoding in a compact desktop footprint. Furthermore, it is easy to calibrate, and includes a 4.3 inch full-color touch LCD display standard.
  • Built to be Easy and Secure – The ZD621R is hassle-free for every user. With Print DNA, it’s easy to set up and start printing quickly. Manage onsite or remotely using the robust, web-based management tool. Plus, PrintSecure provides unmatched security for peace-of-mind protection.
  • Improved operational efficiency with exceptional supplies – Using the wrong labels and ribbons for applications can diminish productivity and customer satisfaction. That’s why quality labels, tags, receipts, ribbons, and wristbands are available for the ZD621R printer.

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Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies for a knowledgeable printing solution that diminishes hassle and keeps your business productive. Contact us today to start unlocking the capabilities of the ZD621R for your business.