With customer demands rising and competitors catching up, manufacturing managers find themselves constantly searching for effective solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity. To solve these problems, businesses are turning to real-time location systems. Real-time locationing is designed to accurately track the location of your workers and equipment automatically. RTLS empowers manufacturing operations with the ability to identify and learn from asset activity and movement patterns. The global RTLS market is projected to reach $11.81 billion in 2024, so it’s clear that businesses are finding RTLS to be effective to prepare for the future. When paired with durable enterprise-ready hardware and intelligent management software, real-time locationing empowers production floors with the capabilities to…

  • Optimize material flow
  • Improve equipment and asset ROI by increasing utilization
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Identify redundant equipment

Transforming Real-time Visibility into Real-time Results.

Real-time locationing on your production floor can have a big impact on how your floor operates. It can diminish the errors and inaccuracies caused by paper-based systems. To accomplish this, devices such as Zebra’s best-in-class RFID technologies are deployed to maximize…

  1. Automated data collection for better decisions – With paper data collection, it is difficult to locate the exact point in the production process that is causing inefficiencies. Equip your manufacturing floor with the power to make smarter decisions in less time with immediate data access instead of sending someone to track it down. RFID and barcode inventory management shrinks the time it takes to collect data and the amount of data entry errors with real-time locationing.
  2. Enhanced quality control – Improper scheduling can be an issue from using manual data collection systems. This can lead to errors in your manufactured products. With automated real-time collection systems, you identify product errors in production before they can occur throughout your supply chain. Technologies like Zebra’s AN440 RFID Antenna help you quickly and accurately track your assets. This allows you to improve the quality of your products and reduce the number of scrap items you end up with.
  3. Real-time production reporting – Ensure accurate inventory data, production status reports, while eliminating the significant amount of hours required to manually open work orders, issue materials, and report production status and scraps. Ensure superior RFID read performance and accurate capture of RFID tags with Zebra’s innovative handheld readers. Through automated production reporting, you can also easily eliminate error-prone manual data entry processes.
  4. Monitored production time – Tracking production performance by measuring production time is important to ensure that you are using your resources to their full capacity. When a device needs to be fixed, your production time efficiency will decrease.

Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies to start empowering your production floor with real-time visibility. Contact us today for a solution that reduces product errors and makes the manufacturing process smoother.