According to a 2013 Zebra study, the average warehouse spends 1,920 hours producing labels. With the average cost of labor nearing $20 per hour, it’s estimated warehouses can spend as close to $38,400 in printing labor. Add that to bottlenecks and maintenance downtime, the cost of inadequate printing systems can become unbearable. 

Facilitating operations for over two decades, CMAC continuously investigates efficient solutions to warehouses’ most common issues. Because label production is crucial to proper inventory management, CMAC proposes mobile printing as a cost-effective path in simplifying your labeling system.

Benefits of Mobile Printers
Benefits of Mobile Printers

Spend $28,000 Less with the Benefits of Mobile Printers

To reduce printing costs, the first step would be to explore the benefits of mobile printers as opposed to standard industrial printing stations. Available for every employee at any time, mobile printers such as Zebra’s ZQ-series shorten labor time without risking necessary accuracy. After introducing mobile printers to several businesses, Zebra’s mobile printers erased 1,440 hours spent printing, increasing investment returns by $28,800 within a year. In addition to reduced distractions, mobile printing impacts your workflow in many more beneficial ways.

Mobile Printers Accuracy
Mobile Printers Accuracy

Keep Accuracy Intact with Mobile Printers

With fewer distractions interrupting employees, you can expect greater accuracy as the correct labels are printed, scanned, and shipped. Eliminating manual data-entry errors, efficient printing systems can help lower error rates, resulting in nearly $26,000 in savings as inventory is immediately and appropriately labeled during receiving. 

Furthermore, as mobile printers decrease time and money spent correcting errors, they also free up workers to focus on different steps of your supply chain. In addition to accuracy, each Zebra printer further offers benefits exclusive to Zebra products.

  • ZQ600 – Created with simplified manageability, the ZQ600 series increases productivity with the highest battery capacity and the industry’s only instant wake-up over WiFi. 
  • ZQ500 – Compact and light, the ZQ500 series is engineered for the rugged demands of the warehousing, equipped with an IP54 sealing and 6.6ft drop spec. Set with Power Smart Print Technology TM, printers anticipate jobs, further diminishing labor time.
  • ZQ300 – With an affordable choice of either indoor or outdoor models, the ZQ300 series provides flexibility while delivering quality prints in rain or snow. Plus, running Bluetooth Remote Management, the ZQ300 eliminates Bluetooth interference, protecting your printer’s performance and connectivity.

Continue to Save When You Upgrade

As part of the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, Zebra mobile printers further increase revenue with cashback rebates when upgraded to their latest versions. Simply send in your outdated device from any manufacturer for rebates up to $125 towards your next purchase. 

There are no limits to innovation. At CMAC, we are always exploring new efficient solutions to today and tomorrow’s issues. Implement personalized solutions to fit your needs when you contact us for a comprehensive assessment of your labeling operations and discover how to maximize profits with simplified operations.