A productive warehouse in 2023 starts with implementing and maintaining dependable technology. Solutions that are rugged enough for warehouse and manufacturing environments result in higher productivity and lower costs. Studies indicate that spending just 3% more on technology saves 29% in overall costs. Warehouses can raise inventory accuracy to 99.9% and effectively manage labor and overall costs with the right automation solutions that deliver consistent performance. Additionally, surveys show that 73% of companies are currently modernizing their warehouses by implementing or refreshing mobile computers, tablets, and barcode scanners. Therefore, if your technology is rugged enough, it could help reduce costs and develop a warehouse modernization strategy built to overcome future challenges. To tell if your tech is ready for your enterprise, consider if your solution has these features:

  1. Durable design built to withstand challenging conditions – Warehouse and plant workers are put in environments with forklifts and moving inventory, which can be harmful to consumer devices. Rugged devices are purpose-built to handle extreme temperatures, dust, water, bumps, and drops with a protective design. When you upgrade to tougher hardware built to survive these challenges, it empowers your workers.
  2. Adaptability with a powerful operating system – Mobile computers with Android’s industry-standard mobile operating system provide a future-proof platform designed to easily accommodate new features. An upgrade to Android’s OS helps foster warehouse flexibility and long-term growth with quick settings and security updates to ensure devices are rugged on the inside too.
  3. Flexible warehouse mobility – Despite the rugged design, enterprise devices can still be mobile to help warehouse workers to stay on their feet. Mobile operation maximizes productivity, especially where workers need to track inventory and shipments.

Furthermore, businesses are encouraged to choose technology built to withstand exterior conditions and fortified with operating systems such as Android for Enterprise. Warehouse productivity can depend on how you evaluate your legacy devices. If your current devices aren’t properly assessed, it could impact overall supply chain productivity and warehouse efficiency.

3 Challenges that Come with Incomplete Durability.

Rugged technology solutions built for enterprise use deliver consistent productivity and eliminate downtime to create a modernized warehouse. Without a solution equipped with durable, adaptable, and upgrade-able features, businesses could suffer from:

  • More accidents and many errors
  • Higher downtime and less productivity
  • Incapable of mobile operation and less flexibility

Technology that is ready for warehouse use should come with a durable design, powerful software and adaptability, and flexible mobility. Evaluate your legacy devices with CMAC’s automation experts to see how you can sustain maximum uptime.