Water utilities need data-driven, mobile workflows that flow seamlessly from office personnel to field-service technicians. Moreover, they require seamless workflow tracking because of the rising pressure and demand for clean and safe drinking water and sewage services. Studies show the global water and wastewater treatment market was valued at $263 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $500 billion by 2028 due to the increasing demand for clean water. Additionally, studies indicate that 85% of utility teams cite data access as one of the core workflows of their operations. Global expectations, data demands, and compliance changes consequently force decision-makers to upgrade from legacy-based paper processes. Using legacy systems could drain millions of dollars in utilities from unnecessary downtime.

Global demands for clean and safe water paired with utility team demands for easy data access challenge businesses to have field-ready mobility solutions. One of the ways to achieve this is with intelligent digitization that detects leakages and reduces water consumption. As a result,  digitization can play a larger role in reducing errors and empowering teams with data access.


Empower Water Utilities with Dependable Digitization

When water distributors eliminate paper reporting, they can monitor changes, compliance, and demands in real-time from anywhere in the field. Real-time monitoring in water utilities gives field teams the data access and visibility they need to optimize workflows. Field-ready mobility solutions like this help field teams stay flexible, so that when global demands continue to rise, they can respond quickly with complete visibility of their resources and challenges.

At CMAC, our digitization teams are experienced in helping water utility teams meet demands and compliance by simplifying data processing. We work to equip teams with mobilized SAP interfaces through Zebra and LiquidUI to simplify digitization. When your mobility solution simplifies digitization, it ensures it’s field-ready because it…


  1. Withstands challenges with a durable design – A device used in water utilities should be able to withstand liquids. Zebra and Liquid UI’s rugged and innovative designs are waterproof and drop-proof to withstand challenging conditions. Digitized workflows allow field teams to consistently manage reports directly on a touchscreen platform that withstands drop and liquids. Rugged durability with Liquid UI and Zebra gives your workers a purpose-built design that’s always field-ready.
  2. Facilitates data sharing – A mobilized SAP interface with Liquid UI and CMAC simplifies data processing to provide 40% more productivity and 75% fewer data entry errors. More productivity and fewer data entry help maximize data sharing and access so workers have the knowledge they need to optimize water utilities. A mobility solution that ensures your field workers are ready is invaluable to enterprise efficiency.
  3. Delivers versatile features for less weight on the worker – Expanded versatility comes from Zebra’s devices equipped with expanded features. Zebra devices help simplify scanning and documentation with faster data capture and an expanded scan range. A mobility solution built for use in challenging environments and still delivers efficient data capture that is field-ready.


A mobility solution equipped with a durable design, simplified data access, and versatility ensures it’s ready for the challenge. Contact us today to discover how to enhance water distribution.