Rising customer expectations are making it harder to accurately manage inventory, workflows, and productivity. Consequently, businesses are choosing enterprise mobility that can make massive improvements on your company’s processes, employee performance, and customer satisfaction through less training to adapt to these demands. Mobile devices equip workers with faster and more accurate capabilities to speed up workflows in many different industries. While it’s clear that more companies are going to start modernizing their supply chains with more mobile devices, it’s important to implement an effective management strategy for your mobile devices.

When businesses aren’t effectively managing devices, there can be negative impacts on productivity, workflow simplicity, and security. Additionally, even if your devices are working sufficiently, your business could be limiting its capabilities to maximize connection performance, security, and productivity. Despite the advantages of implementing a mobile device management solution, 40% of enterprises do not secure mobile apps and about 50% don’t have a portion of their budget set aside for mobile security efforts.

How Zebra expands device performance through simplistic applications

As an industry leader in seamless modernization, Zebra facilitates productivity increases with a wide range of powerful productivity apps from Zebra Mobility DNA. These apps allow your business to focus on optimizing business tools, productivity, central management, development, and security. All applications work together seamlessly to take the hard work out of enterprise mobile management by…

  • Capturing asset information faster
  • Improving the flow of data information across your business
  • Maintaining legacy solutions
  • Enhancing productivity

Choose Zebra’s effective mobility management software to provide your enterprise with an enhanced user experience that can be customized to adapt to user needs. Give your enterprise the power of…

  1. Streamlined-ease-of-use – First, by choosing Zebra, your employees get Android familiarity in their devices for simplified use. Ensure that your employees have a mobile-friendly interface and enjoy adequate performance over stronger WiFi connections with enhanced applications from Zebra’s Mobility DNA software.
  2. Improved data capture – Scan up to 100 barcodes simultaneously in just a few seconds with Swipe Assist. This improves accuracy and efficiency in your warehousing and inventory operations to make your business more flexible.
  3. Efficient battery management – Reduce downtime by recognizing which batteries are approaching end-of-life just before they get there. By gaining visibility into the battery life cycle, your workers can focus on important tasks instead of dealing with unexpected battery failure.
  4. Fortified security – Efficiently managing the security of your devices can limit the losses of data information. Mobility DNA provides enterprises with greater control, government-grade encryption, and risk protection.

Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies for mobile device management that helps your business meet customer demands. Contact us today for a free assessment of your devices.