The success of your warehouse and manufacturing productivity depends on the quality of your barcode scanners. The modern warehouse deals with many different types of barcodes that come in different sizes, types, and durability levels, which comes with it’s own set of challenges. As a result, more warehouses are turning to new, versatile scanners that can modernize operations with smoother and faster workflows. In fact, 73% of companies are currently modernizing their warehouses by implementing or refreshing mobile computers, tablets and barcode scanners. New scanners can capture barcodes within the first trigger pull while eliminating additional reporting steps. If you aren’t implementing or refreshing your barcode scanners, your business could end up with these consequences:

  • Falling behind in performance
  • Dropping more orders
  • Seeing a severe decline in customer satisfaction

How Zebra and CMAC Simplify Versatility for Enhanced Order Fulfillment

Finding the right tools to modernize your warehouse can seem terrifying and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Avoid falling behind and dropping orders with Zebra’s newest DS3600-KD ultra-rugged scanner with keypad that breaks several scanning standards by surpassing expectations. Empower your business with versatile and maximized productivity when you choose the DS3600-KD scanner with keypad.

  1. Streamline task management with Keypad and Color Display – The DS3600-Kd is the first ultra-rugged scanner with a color display and a keypad. The ergonomic, backlit 19-key keypad is thoughtfully designed for one-handed operation, and the color display provides a more modern experience with automatic brightness adjustments in any condition.
  2. Dependable durability in ultra-challenging environments with the ability to survive 10 ft. drops to concrete. The DS3600-KD operates efficiently and consistently even after 7,500 tumbles, and is dustproof, spray proof, and waterproof. This enhances worker productivity because your employees aren’t wasting time fixing devices that aren’t fit for rough environments.
  3. Exceptional scanning performance with an advanced imager that reads 1D and 2D barcodes faster, as far as 7 ft. away. This drives worker productivity and customer satisfaction to a new level with the ability to capture up to 20 barcodes at once.
  4. Ultimate cordless technology that empowers your business with Bluetooth 4.0 for lightning fast data capture. Streamline convenience so your workers can move freely.
  5. Severely reduce management costs with tools that allow you to create and distribute configuration files or barcodes. This simplifies staging so your devices work right out of the box and eliminates time spent looking through manuals.


Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies to start modernizing your warehouse today with enhanced technology. Contact us today for a solution prepared to tackle the future.