If you have yet to switch your operating system, CMAC is here to aid your transition. Having seen how change has affected multiple businesses, you will appreciate an experienced guide. 

It is imperative to start thinking about your next move now. Windows Mobile OS comes to an end in January 2020. Approaching sooner than expected, be sure not to switch without considering these three major points.

TC72 Consider Security for your OS Migration

1. Consider Security

Your company’s security should be of top priority when considering a new operating system. Device protection will end, putting your company’s data and other information at high-risk, when remaining with Windows Mobile Operating System after 2020. Without protection, devices are subject to accidental malware installation and access by unauthorized personnel, resulting in dangerous security breaches. 

Protect your company with the security of a new operating system. Device lockdown due to periods of inactivity and password protection will keep your technology safe. You can also expect protection from Payment Card Industry Data Security and secure Wi-Fi connections.

2. Updates & Applications

Consider that your existing applications may no longer be functional without new software updates. Take advantage of the most current development platforms that bridge the gap from your older applications to the newer applications and extensions. These benefits tremendously impact performance and productivity. 

Mobile Device Management is a great way to save time setting up your new devices, especially with a new operating system. This managed service from CMAC makes a quick and effortless switch, enabling your company the ability to set up all devices simultaneously instead of individually. Also, CMAC offers a complete set of managed services around mobile devices, including staging/configuration, remote troubleshooting, spare pool management, and help desk support.

3. Flexibility

Choose custom and user-friendly.

Having the ability to program your device exactly how your company operates is a huge plus, maximizing efficiency and productivity across the board. Being user-friendly also allows employees the familiarity of a mainstream operating system. This will make learning a breeze for new employees as well as seasonal resources.

Consider This.

Are you leaning towards an operating system that is open, flexible, and abides by a controlled IT? If so, Android maybe your best option. 

With Android, your company will benefit from Google Mobile Services, Android Open Source Project, Android for Work, and Zebra’s Android with Mx.

Did this information spark any new thoughts about OS Migration? Chat with us at CMAC for the best advice on your new operating system. We have extensive experience mediating technology solutions for warehouses, manufacturers, distribution centers, and transportation and logistics businesses for more than 20 years. Consider an operating system that safely and efficiently supports your business. You can count on us to provide substantial knowledge, ready to obtain massive results.