When it comes to rugged environments, manufacturing plants often stand as one of the toughest industrial landscapes to maintain efficiency, traceability, and ease of use. This is because devices are more susceptible to damage in the tougher conditions of warehouses and manufacturing plants. If workers aren’t equipped with technology that is suited to their environment, then they can’t do their job right. That’s why unplanned downtime also results in a loss of customer trust and productivity as 46% of businesses can’t deliver services to customers, 37% lose production time on a critical asset, and 29% are totally unable to service or support specific equipment or assets. Additionally, 82% of companies have experienced unplanned downtime over the past three years, and those outages lasted an average of four hours and cost an average of $2 million. To make overall operations more time and cost-efficient, wearable technologies provide an opportunity to ensure downtime is diminished so your business can deliver efficient production time on important assets.

Wearable technology can bring specific benefits to help your industry. For example, employees in retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants can improve productivity and order accuracy to simplify picking and sorting operations.

Optimize warehouse performance with Zebra’s purpose-built technologies.

Zebra’s Android wearable mobile computers come with built-in intelligence for superior manageability and diverse ring scanners to deliver unrivaled scan performance. Give your front-line workforce the performance edge they need such as:

  1. Unmatched hands-free comfort – Empower purpose-built wearability with Zebra’s WT6300 wearable computer that minimizes muscle effort and worker fatigue by eliminating pressure points and having a very low center of gravity.
  2. Rugged reliability for use in any environment – Improper technology can be susceptible to common occurrences like drops and bumps in the warehouse and manufacturing plant. The WT6300 is built to handle those everyday drops and bumps and is dustproof and water-resistant. It is also drop-tested to endure high temperatures, long shifts, water exposure, and more.
  3. Easier use and deployment – Streamline use in your warehouse with Zebra’s comfortable and rugged HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display. Plug it into the host mobile device and no additional batteries or staging is required.
  4. Deliver high performance data capture – Capture 1D and 2D barcodes faster with the RS6000’s advanced scanning algorithms capable of capturing barcodes in virtually any condition. This allows workers to capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the trigger and eliminates downtime exceptions.

Choose CMAC and Zebra Technologies for reliable technology that is built to provide your workers with comfort and productivity even in the most challenging environments. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of wearable technology.