ZQ630 – CMAC


This compact 4-inch ZQ630 Portable Barcode Printer drives productivity, reduces errors, and prints encoded RFID
labels and tags on the spot with just a few buttons.

It has a large color display with advanced battery technology to outlast even the longest shift, so you never have to worry about plugging in when you need it most.

You don’t want to frustrate your workers with poor battery life and undependable wireless connections. Thankfully, with this device, you won’t have to. Zebra printers are known for leading the market with state-of- the-art wireless technology and the fastest, most dependable features.

The RFID setup is simple with automatic calibration features that take away the stress of complex integration — just calibrate once to get started.

Oh, and you can count on things moving fast. Like lightning fast. With 802.11ac Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth Classic, and Low Energy BLE, the ZQ630 has the most dependable wireless
connection inside the confinement of a warehouse or beyond. It’s that simple.

What you need to know about the ZQ630:

Large color

User-friendly display with an
easily customized menu that
is transmutable to mobile,
desktop, and industrial printers.

Print on

Never wait to print. Print the
exact moment you need to with
print management features and
the ability to print whether the
device is idle or charging.


Compatible with all current
Zebra RFID technology
including tags and encoding

Built tough

The ZQ600 series is lightweight
and comfortable but loaded
with features that make it highly
durable like high-grade resin
and a tempered-glass display.


The ZQ600 Series’
PowerPrecision+ battery delivers a
wealth of battery metrics to identify
the health of batteries before they
can impact productivity levels.


Comprehensive management
tools can maintain, secure, and
troubleshoot printers whether
you’re in the office or on vacation.
Reduce downtime by effectively
managing your mobile devices.

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to integrate enterprise-grade technology
that will elevate your business?

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