warehouse-e1376312796481CMAC’s experience in warehouse management system (WMS) implementations can be used to help your organization achieve maximum value with your system implementation.  As the leading systems integrator in the WMS market it is our goal to successfully select and implement WMS for companies, and support clients who have previously implemented WMS allowing them to realize the on-going continuous improvement potential inherent within a WMS.   CMAC can help you assess how effectively your company is using your WMS.

Warehouse Management System Devices

Pre Go-LIve

  • ž System Selection
  • ž Project Management
  • ž Training Plan Development and Execution
  • ž Job Aid Development
  • ž Communication Plan Development &
  •  Execution
  • ž Software Configuration
  • ž Technical Support
  • ž System Interface Development
  • ž Implementation Support
  • ž Modification Specification & Design
  • ž Testing
  • ž Vendor Management
  • ž RF Infrastructure Design and Installation
  • ž Custom Report Design
  • ž EDI and Host Interface Design

Post Go-Live

  • ž System Re-configuration
  • ž Impact Management and Metrics
  • ž RF Hardware Program Management and Deployment
  • ž Issues Documentation and Management
  • ž Training and Certification
  • ž Enhancement Management and Implementation
  • ž Service Level Agreement for Support and Rollout
  • ž Satisfaction Surveys and Process Improvement